General Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. Entries received from ineligible companies/businesses/clients will be removed from the Awards without notice

2. Entrants must enter one of the specified Awards Categories. Entrants may enter several Categories (for example, ‘ Hair Stylist of The Year’ and ‘Wedding Make-Up Artist of The Year’).

3.1. Entries must be recieved by the closing date.

3.2 If We at our sole discretion deem a Category to have an insufficient number of Entrants We reserve the right to remove the respective Category and the respective Entrants shall be offered the option of Entry into another Category (“Alternative Category”)

3.3 If We at our sole discretion deem there to be an insufficient number or Entrants in a category then We reserve the right to combine category where necessary and applicable.

3.4 If We at our sole discretion deem there to be an insufficient number of finalists in any category or any finalists not to be of a suitable standard to win the award for their category then We reserve the right not to award a winner in that category.

5. During nomination phase, if an Entrant submits an entry into an incorrect category the Entrant must inform Us in writing (email is permitted) immediately and re-enter in the correct Category/Categories.

6. Voters shall be allocated one vote each and are eligible to vote for the finalists no later than the Closing Date, any votes received after the Closing Date shall not be counted.

7. It is the sole responsibility of the Entrant to ensure that only their eligible wedding clients vote for them. Erroneous votes/voting must be reported in writing (email allowed) to The Events Industry Awards immediately. Erroneous votes/voting may result in the instant removal of the Entrant from the Awards without notice or refund of the Entry Fee. Disqualification of an Entrant shall be at the sole discretion of The Events Industry Awards."

8. Voters may vote once for each of the finalists they feel meets the criteria.

9. All Entrants agree to their entries being used for promotional purposes by The Events Industry Awards throughout all media channels.

11. The Events Industry Awards reserves the right to amend any Entrant profile not deemed appropriate. The Entrant concerned will be notified within 24 hours of any such changes having been made.

12. The Events Industry Awards reserves the right to withdraw an Entry from the voting process at any time if the Entry is deemed inappropriate for any reason.

13. The following methodology will be used during the Awards process.

13.1 After the Closing Date, all Entrants with no votes will be automatically removed from the competition and their profiles removed from the Awards Website.

14. Winners are permitted to refer to the fact that they are finalists or winners and use the appropriate The Events Industry Awards logo in their own publicity materials for a period of 3 years from the date on which they receive the award.